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Verandas Surrey | Beards Blinds & Awnings  

Combining spectacular design and sophisticated technology the new patio roof lets you enjoy your garden from the very first day of spring to the last day of autumn allowing you to enjoy that al fresco lifestyle.

Verandas roof design is totally unique, completely watertight and guarantees reliable drainage. This new rectangular construction is possible due to the unique glass support system which has been voted the winner of The German Design Award 2019, German engineering at its very best! The pitch of the glass panels has been cleverly integrated into the frame of the roof system to give that modern contemporary look. The ingenious design also incorporates a hidden gutter to speed away rainwater through the concealed downpipe in one of the support posts allowing you to enjoy your garden even during inclement weather. These superb design features allow the veranda to not only be a modern beautiful clean looking structure but also a very functional one as well.

Should you wish to be a little creative or would like to add in some of your own personality to your new verandas you can select some stunning lighting options. The front support posts and the roof supports can now incorporate state of the art LED light strips. Just scroll through the remote control and you can choose from 3 brilliant white light options or 48 colourful options allow you to create the mood of your choice, or light up your feel-good alfresco party. The support posts and outer rafters can also be complemented by decorative strips in silver, copper, brown, brass and anthracite coloured options.

Technology also plays a big part in the construction of the veranda with the innovative design built to withstand extremely high snow loads making the veranda a high quality load bearing roof system.

Options of sliding glass doors, tempura quadra heating along with vertical and roof shading awnings are all available to enable the transformation from Veranda to Glass Room should you so wish.

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