NEW! Terrazza Pure – the cubic glass patio roof

Terrazza Pure, the new glass patio roof from weinor, relies on a modern cubic style of roof combined with innovative design. Classic patio roofs are designed angled so that rainwater can drain off. With Terrazza Pure, the pitch is integrated into the frame construction and is therefore invisible from the outside. The result: clear, cubic design combined with reliable drainage – the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy lots of natural light on their patio and appreciates reliable, modern designed weather protection at the same time.

Modern cubic design

In line with modern architecture requirements, Terrazza Pure is the visually perfect solution for the patio with its clear, cubic shape.

Reliable drainage

The innovative glass support system ensures reliable drainage due to the integrated pitch with visually straight, rectangular shape from the outside a the same time.

Cosy al fresco lighting

With 48 colours and 3 whites, the high-quality colour LED strips in posts and roof supports create a unique mood under the patio roof.

A high-quality look

The optional, high-quality decorative strips in 5 colours give the Terrazza Pure an elegant look. They can be integrated on the outside of the posts, underneath the centre roof supports and on the outside of the roof supports.

Stay outdoors – the weinor Glasoase®

Enjoy the al fresco life – even when it gets cooler! With the w17 easy full glass sliding door you transform your Terrazza Pure into a weinor Glasoase®.

You don’t have to retreat into the house as the days get colder quite yet. Simply fit the frameless w17 easy full-glass sliding door from weinor to your Terrazza Pure, later on too. As a result, you can enjoy your patio protected from the wind and other elements on sunny winter days too – with an unobstructed view of nature. It’s even cosier in the weinor Glasoase® with the Tempura heating system. The weinor Glasoase® is a glass room system that protects the patio from the wind and rain but is not another living room.

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