Masterfully adaptable – the right patio roof to meet your needs

Enjoy your garden until well into autumn – weinor’s Terrazza patio roof will keep you well sheltered from the wind and other elements. And your patio furniture can remain outside without being damaged. The appeal of weinor’s patio roof is its elegant construction, attractively shaped design and high durability. With numerous versions available, it is also very suited to many different types of houses and requirements.

Technical highlights

Elegant design

The weinor Terrazza patio roof convinces with its elegant construction, shapely design and high resilience.

220 guttering – large spans without middle posts

Anyone spending time under a patio roof wants to enjoy an unobstructed view. With the 220 guttering combined with the 115 post, larger spans are also feasible without middle posts, so nothing obstructs the view.

LED/Design light bar

Our light bar extends the amount of time you can use your patio roof until well into the evening. The light bars can be wall-mounted or fitted to a roof support depending on your preference.

Product Data

Maximum transparency: Side element SUPER LITE

With the fixed glazing below the Terrazza side roof support, fully-transparent fronts can be pulled in – with a single vertical or horizontal strut being required.

Supplements sliding wall: Side element LITE

lightweight fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium, with a weinor easy-glide sliding wall underneath, or a multi-function partition – this is a very popular combination and a great choice!

Highest possible stability: Side element CLASSIC

Or go for sturdy fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium, with a multi-function sliding wall below – or even framed fixed glazing to hold off strong side winds if you prefer.


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